Mixed Berries and Mango Parfait

This is seriously one of my favorite breakfast treats. I call it a treat becasue it tastes so good that you literally lick every inch of your spoon and plate….. or in my case, I was scrapping the mason jar with my fingers and licking off every remaining bit. The other great thing about this […]

Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken Noodle Soup for the soul. Now most of you are gonna ask why I am making soup in this January heat….. Have you ever had a warm weather cold. It is the absolute worst. One minute you are fine and dandy and then the minute it gets a little chilly i.e in the early […]

Banana and Cinnamon Yoghurt Pancakes

Growing up, Christmas was a BIG deal. As a kid, I had to have new Christmas clothes and the flufflier and more lace it had the better.I just had to be a princess (I cringe at the memory). On the day before christmas, all the kids in my neighbourhood would put on their new christmas […]

hot chocolate recipe + the kenyan fitness foodie

Skinny Hot Chocolate Float

Today, I am going to teach you how to make a proper hot chocolate drink. Not that hot cocoa that they sell you as hot chocolate, but God’s honest truth hot chocolate made with real live chocolate. After you have this, You will never accept anything less. I call this the skinny hot chocolate because […]