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Yogurt and Fruit Bowls


Sometimes I find myself in a tough spot. First I don’t like eating the same thing twice in a row and second, I can be lazy and don’t want to always make something new. To make my life easy, I try to find simple things that can be made interesting just by switching up a few ingredients. Incase you missed it; check out my smoothie Three ways and oatmeal three ways.


So today I bring you yogurt and fruit bowls. This is fro when you want to snack healthy, snack delicious and snack in a hurry. I tried to think of interesting flavor and fruit combinations that will have you licking your bowl clean.


To start off, I have 3 different flavors from Brookside’s new Fruitiness Yogurt. I got a gift basket last week and it inspired me to create these recipes. But fear not. You can also create these bowls at home with the help of a 1000Ksh. Gift voucher that I have for you.

All you have to do is let me know in the comment section what you favorite flavor is and you could win 1000 Ksh. Gift voucher from Brookside.

Are you?

VANILLA – Steady and Dependable

MIXED BERRY- Crazy, Free and Fun


SRAWBERRY- sweet and lovely

Pick a flavor that describes your personality and you could WIN!.Guys, that’s like 10 packets of milk right there.

kenyan food blog


  1. Berry Bowl

    Mixed Berry Yogurt// Apple slices // Oranges// Chia seeds

kenyan food blog


2. Strawberry Bowl

Strawberry Yogurt // Sliced Strawberries // Kiwi // Chia seeds


3. Classic vanilla

Vanilla Yogurt // Apple // Mango // Chia Seeds

The vanilla yogurt has actual vanilla pods 🙂


Aren’t you just ready to head out, get some yogurt and try out these fruit and yogurt combos. Don’t forget you can win a gift voucher.




16 Comment

  1. Vanilla has and will always be my all time favourite flavour. It goes well with any fruit any time of the day!

  2. thank you for the amazing recipes, definitely a must try at home.

  3. Strawberry! Sweet and lovely. Would love to experiment to find out the lactose level of this new variety.

  4. VANILLA is my all time favourite, (STEADY AND VERY DEPENDABLE) I am indeed.
    Thanks for sharing, definitely on classic vanilla for my breakfast tomorrow.

  5. Vanilla any day, any time. It can be eaten with anything and its flavour fuses well with most snacks, fruits and with cereals (my best combo).

  6. Steady and Dependable I am team vanilla my large family and I. please please brookside make our day by giving us
    s the voucher. thank you

  7. Strawberry is my thing. The feeling of being sweet and lovely gives me confidence all the time. I don’t need someone else to appreciate me, to know that am sweet and lovely I tell that all the time to myself I know I am because I feel so, and I never have to go beyond who I am to get that compliment from someone else.
    So yeah sweet and lovely is my flavour coz that’s who I am.

  8. Definitely Mixed berry…because who can pick just one fruit? I’m loving all the breakfasts will be so lit 🙂

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