home workouts + the kenyan fitness foodie


Today we are doing something a little different on the blog. Brenda from  the Blog: https://couchhealthandfitness.wordpress.com/ is taking over and sharing some workouts you can do at home after a weekend of excess Nyama choma. We all know we have a few of those……….



Yes, You over-indulged over the weekend and as if that was not enough, you devoured processed sugar and salt like there was no tomorrow. So what next ? Well, I have good news for you


We tend to think that since we over-ate we should over-exercise because

  • It is a punishment to our   body for doing what it was not supposed to do
  • To burn off the excess calories gained during that time

First of all Exercise   should    not be   a   punishment   but a reward to your body. Secondly, exercise does not  and will not substitute for the bad food you ate.

So here is the solution, how about you avoid the bad food as much as you can and continue with   regular exercises , But   if this one time you did not keep to your word because you are human and we fall all the time, Here are 5 of my favorite exercise that will help you pick yourself up .


  • Running/Jogging

  • Squats


home workouts + the kenyan fitness foodie




  • Pushups, with or without the dumbbells


home workouts + the kenyan fitness foodie


  • Burpees


home workouts + the kenyan fitness foodie


  • Stretch
    home workouts + the kenyan fitness foodie

A good exercise is as good as its last stretch, very vital!



Written By: Brenda Midamba.

Blog: https://couchhealthandfitness.wordpress.com/

YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/Wlx9c89Y64I

INSTAGRAM: @brendamidamba

TWITTER: Brenda_Midamba

FACEBOOK: Couchhealthandfitness Kenya

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