My Daily 3-Ingredients Morning Detox

Health and Fitness nuts are all about the detox. But I can’t do that drink nothing but water or lemonade or soup for 10 days and lose 10KGs. I’m not about that life, I love food too much. However there are a few things you can do daily that will help detox your body and […]

Getting Techy: 3 Apps to help you GetFit

I’ve been lazy I had all the intentions of getting serious from the very first day of the year but I have slacked off. I went running for the first time today after skipping 4 days, I haven’t been to the gym yet this year and carbs have made up over 50% of my meals. […]

Eat more Veggies, Read more Books

I had a mantra once, it was eat more veggies and read more books.this was back when I was a vegetarian (struggling to get back there) and I couldn’t be seen without my kindle. Then something went wrong and I can count on my hands how many books I’ve read over the past couple of […]

My Not-So-Fit Totally Foodie Christmas Holiday

I had all the best intentions this Christmas holiday. I was determined not to gain any weight that I’d lost during the year back and stick to my clean eating as much as possible. I haven’t weighed myself yet but I’m sure I’ve gained a few lbs. Just take a look at all I’ve been […]

Fitness: Holiday WorkOut

We are practically almost a week away from Christmas and i’m gonna come clean. I haven’t worked out in quite a bit. I’ve been lazy. All i’ve done so far is meet up with friends and go to holiday parties. I’ve basically gained back some LBs and I was on a mission to either maintain […]

Recipe: Mad about ToFu

I experimented with Vegetarianism for about 3 years. This was brought on after reading Michael Polan’s Book “In Defense of Food” and watching the Documentary Food Inc. I love Michael Polan and his look into the Industrial Food complex. Be on the lookout for a post on the books that have shaped my food Philosophy. […]