Creamy Shrimp Pasta

Sometimes you just need a little something simple and quick to cook but looks like you spent hours in the kitchen. So you if you are still desperately trying to figure out what you will make this valentines, How about this. This recipe is fresh, Tangy and 0h-so-creamy. There is something about a creamy dish […]

Chinese Veggie Fried Rice with Egg

Anytime I make a rice dish, I always make sure that I cook extra rice. Why?…..Fried Rice.   I love fried rice. But then again, If I could get away with it, I could eat everything fried. But alas we have weight loss goals to attain and then there is that whole business with having […]

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Breakfast Smoothie Bowl Recipes – 3 Ways

Smoothie Smoothie Smoothie Rocking Everywhere!!!!!! I have been meaning to make this post for a while now but January kind of got the best of me and I was bussier than I thought I would be. But here we are now and it is gonna be worth the wait. Before I get to the smoothie […]