Ginger and Carrot Lentil Soup

In the words of House Stark, ” Winter is Here”. Well it’s officially as cold as it can get so we can just call it our Kenyan winter. The only thing on my mind these days is hot chai and hot soup. Β And you better believe the Luhya in me drinks more tea than is […]

Eat A-Salad-A day 6: Pasta Salad

  Can I juts say I don’t think I have every completed a challenge. Never. Not even a Squat Challenge or the one time I tried to do the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I think i’ve tried that workout DVD more than 5 times and each time the most days i’ve done are 14. […]

Eat A-Salad-A Day 4: Protein Attack

This weather is really not conducive to eating cold salads. It’s grey, it’s cold and all i want is to eat hot soup everyday. But as the British do, I shall carry on. Β So I am currently watching last nights episode of The Real Housewives of New York (My guilty pleasure), Eating some toast and […]

Eat A-Salad-A Day 3: Mango Delight

Mango season was in full swing a few weeks a go and all I made was mango salsa :(. I’m making up for that by making not only a mango salad but a mango dressing as well. and the beauty of this is that it is 100% vegan. How cool is that? I saw mangoes […]

Eat a-Salad- a day Challenge Day 2: Taco Salad

First of all, Love all the people who are tagging me on instragram and sharing their salads. I will put together a gallery to show all your beautiful creations. And I love that guys are modifying stuff and giving me ideas on different salads I can make. So now that we survived day on, let’s […]

Eat a-Salad-a Day Challenge: Day 1

It’s finally here. Day one and I am really excited that we have so many people participating in this challenge. I am looking forward to all your comments and to share all your pictures of the salads you make. You can either email me your pictures or tag me on instagram @fitfoodie254 I had planned […]