Classic Egg Salad

I’ve been trying to do simple food preps that can give me something healthy to eat during the week. Β My aim was to make a bunch of salads that could last the week in the fridge, and I could use to make sandwiches. So I made an Egg salad and a Tuna salad (recipe coming […]

Another Snack attack: Apple Bites

Today we are doing Apples. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but have been generally lazy. I’ve been lazy about everything. Working out, eating right, writing. Β But i’m slowly getting back on track. This one is gonna be short and sweet. Here is a great snack that completely surprised me at how […]

I'm a Cheater!!!

Yes I am. I cheat with food though! hahaha. I’m a firm believer in having cheat meals to keep you sane throughout this fitness journey. But I sometime get carried away with it and next thing you know its been a whole weak of cheating. Let’s take yesterday for example. I had this epic burger. […]

Snack Attack: Homemade Trail-Mix

  I have a HUUGE problem. Its called nuts. Nuts for me is like popcorn and I don’t know moderation when it comes to eating. I stop eating nuts when they are over not when I’m full. As a result I can eat 1000 calories worth of nuts without even blinking. Nuts are a calorie […]

Recipe: Homemade "KFC" Chicken

*WARNING* this is a cheat-meal…. now lets move on to some tasty goodness.   I’ve Had KFC a total of twice in my life. The first time was on my birthday about 5 years ago. My friends asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I was Β like No Stress, lets get […]

Recipe: Marinated fried Chicken

Trying to lose weight as a foodie is hard yo! I’m definitely still struggling. I’m trying to focus on keeping my diet low carb and full of smoothies and light salads. So this week I’m all about the chicken. I’m going all chick-fil-A of this mother.   I loove me some chicken. whoever says they […]